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norawr's Journal

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I'm Nora

I would be glamourous If I had the money and energy.
I would be trendy and listen to undeground bands in downtown coffee shops on my non-apple MP3 player (because I would think that apple is just so generic and I would not condone it's capitalist over-taking of our generation, converting us merely into internet ID numbers and high-angled profile pictures). I would only shop in cheap boutiques and at various faires and festivals, making it so my style would be truely unique. I would have a different clutch-wallet for everyday of the week with matching knit barets and beanies that I would place ever-so-carefully so that they would be bobby-pinned hanging halfway off my head. I would spend an hour in the mirror making sure that my mix of different shades of purple and brown eyeliner made it look like I had just fallen out of bed. I would take pictures with pills on my tongue and mini bottles of vodka in my hand, with an expression on my face saying, "I don't really give a fuck about this place."
Unforchunetly I neither have the energy or money. So here I am.
I come adorned with my iPod headphones surgically implanted in my ear listening to bands that you have probably heard of and/or don't care about. I am an outfit-repeater with a Target fashion sense. I really did just roll out of bed in the morning, so although the look is authentic, it doesn't have the same desired appeal. I have this crazy habit of smiling in photographs.
Take me or leave me. Because chances are I will change; I do it all the time, but it won't be for you.